CBR Program

The CBR program was established to provide income generating activities to persons with disabilities while raising disability awareness.In total 103 groups have been organized with total 1379 members. In total of 1379 members 1223 are female and 156 male, 222 members are disabled of total members. Among them 205 are male and 96 female. Note: (Disabled male and female only group members. To create public awareness BERDO is forming groups people with disabilities. Because people with disabilities have no idea what are doing non- peoples with disabilities do not know about people with disabilities. They think people with disabilities are burden to the society and government is responsible for them but not community people. In this period BERDO try to motivate the non-disabled people about people with disabilities.) This number will be increased in next year. The average membership of the group is 20 weekly bases and save at least 20 Taka for them. Each group has an executive committee for the proper management of the group activities. A group executive committee consists of Chairman, Secretary and Cashier. Field workers discussed different issues in their development and awareness. Total group savings stood at an amount of Tk 5008069. Initiatives have been taken to make conscious the group members through regular meeting for employees are using the curriculum of 45 weeks and trying to improve the skill of the group members. The group members are depositing weekly savings on regular basis. Necessary information is preserved in the office.